RH My Account Redesign

Rethinking and revamping what users need at login.

About the Project

A primary reason clients call RH customer service is to ask questions surrounding their placed orders. Prior to the project, upon logging into your account, you landed on a page with very little information, making a customer dig for information. This project focused on a redesign of the My Account landing page to better suit the needs of RH customers while updating the overall appearance to feel more brand appropriate.

My Role

I worked with a product manager on this project and led the design. There was no design system in place, so I created the necessary components to build a more informative and user friendly space. I used Sketch to design the mockups and InVision Studio to create the login animation.

Find Account Information Fast

Before the Redesign

Prior to this project, the My Account page was vague and aesthetically displeasing. It gave very little information to a user, and the information that was provided appeared disorganized. In addition to the lack of information, the hierarchy of categories to choose from on the left-hand side of the page were presented in a random order.

The Problem

Clients log into their account to find information about their connection to the brand, whether it is past orders, current orders or any information that they’ve previously inputted on the website. Users don't want to spend time having to click around the My Account section to find or update their information.

Problem Statement: As a client logging into the My Account page, I want to see information upfront so that I can find what I need quickly and efficiently.

The Primary Goals of a Redesign

After analyzing the site and customer service data that was provided to me, I was able to figure out features that were common amongst an RH client. I then analyzed other eCommerce sites to see how their accounts functioned and trends that occurred across these sites.

Below are the areas that were most important to enhancing user experience:

  • Hierarchy of categories
  • Clarity of information displayed
  • Focus on users’ orders
  • Addition of a customer service footer (in case a customers questions were not answered)

The Redesign

1. Navigation

I updated the information architecture of what appears in My Account. Starting with the most-used features based off of site analytics and competitor data. In addition to updating the IA, I changed to a horizontal design layout to align with the direction that the RH site is now adopting.

2. Personal Information

One piece of information completely missing from the “My Account” page was gallery information. Galleries are a big part of RH: they are beautiful and should be flaunted. In my design, I added the ability to locate the nearest gallery to a customer based on default address and/or prior gallery consultations. The goal of this is to promote gallery visitations and consultations with a design expert. The RH interior design service is a feature of the company that is used and wanted.

3. Order History

Orders are a complicated part of any ecommerce business, as customers anxiously await their new items. Orders are especially complicated for furniture companies who deliver large special-order items. Placing a customer’s entire order history on his/her My Account page allows the client to be able to check the status of orders at login and choose from the options presented.

4. Contact Us

Though we are trying to reduce the number of people who call into RH’s call center by providing more information up front, it is inevitable that people will have questions. By providing the options to contact someone, it’s reassuring to a client that we are there to help. It also provides users with easy access to ask questions to ease their experience.

Account with No Information

If users are new to RH, the account overview page will appear as so, letting them know that they do not have information on file yet. These customers can get shopping, or contact customer service if they need help with anything!

A New Login Experience

This is an animation I created in InVision Studio. Information is revealed in a smoother and more sophisticated matter.


After sending the product manager the designs for the new account, she was very happy with the improvements and wished that it was in the roadmap sooner!

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