Alo Yoga Product Detail Page

Elevating the look & feel while helping a user explore and make decisions.

About the Project

The PDP is one of the most important pages of an eCommerce site. It's where a buyer falls in love with a product, convincing them to make a purchase. Our previous PDPs were constant dead ends, uninspiring & illegible - overall a non -optimal user experience and poor representation of our brand and the product we're selling.

My Role

I'm the lead designer on this project, working closely with the merch team to conceptualize and the dev team to execute. After months of observing user behavior through Full Story, I kept notes on what was working and what was not. My task was to elevate the look and feel but also to create new features to help a user make decisions and explore our products further. I am also product managing this large task by creating and organizing my tickets so we incrementally roll out and test features to eventually reach the optimal designs/goal.

A Powerful New Product Page


Cleaning up the PDP while adding key new features such as "shop the look", "model changer" & more will increase conversion and lead a user down a path of exploration.


Key Highlights

I took a mobile-first approach designing this new PDP. With over 70% of our traffic on a mobile device, it's important to focus on what's important by filtering out insignificant information. I used this redesign as an opportunity to conform the page to our design system as the typography that was being used was illegible.

See It On Other Sizes

One of the number one questions asked when a user is on our product page is: "What size is the model wearing?" Users try to size themselves against the model to gauge what they should order. The "Change Model" feature allows a user to see the product on another size plus displays the models stats. This is currently in development.

Sold Out? Get Notified.

Alo is known for new products dropping once a week. This is exciting for a customer, but also can cause frustration when inventory sells out. To keep them in the loop and to return at another time, I created a more intuitive "Notify Me" flow so a user can easily see what size is sold out and sign up. This is currently in development and we are A/B testing it since it is so drastic from the current size buttons.

Make It An Outfit!

In today's athleisure world, people want to look good and feel good. Currently, Alo displays images of models/yogis wearing the product, but does not say anywhere what that product is! To eliminate these questions and the hunt to find the other product the model is wearing, I introduce "Shop the Look". This feature also comes with a "Quick Shop" functionality to allow the user easily add items to their cart without disrupting their flow.

Alo In the Wild

Social proof. Before purchasing, users like to engage with additional imagery aside from the Alo model shots. Exemplified on the new PDP - the social images are easier to shop than ever.

A Brand of Purpose

Beyond just the clothes, Alo is a brand of purpose. It is important for our customers to know that their purchase is going towards good and the human well-being. We chose to promote this at the bottom of every PDP as a reminder. (The iconography is still in progress.)

See It All


The new product detail page is a huge project for all teams involved. It has required a lot of collaboration & thorough planning to execute this project. As we are A/B testing each feature, we will learn & iterate as needed to make the best decision for our users.

Status: V1 has been released which is mostly stylistic updates. Other features are in development and testing.

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