Alo Yoga Mobile App

Shopping Alo Yoga is easier than ever. Delivering an improved mobile shopping experience + fun app bonuses in under 3 months.

About the Project

We are constantly thinking of how we can make our digital experience feel as beautiful, inspirational and helpful as our brick-and-mortar stores - which include yoga, cafe's, associates welcoming & assisting and more. This in combination with the fact that our mobile traffic is 70% and growing made it clear that a mobile app can be used to deliver this elevated experience.

My Role

I'm the lead designer on our mobile app product (new features still in progress). We began this project at the end of January and delivered it to the app store April week 1. Speed was the name of the game, but that didn't stop me from ensuring we delivered the best possible experience. I used Figma to build out a thorough prototype to share with stakeholders as well as each project to hand off to dev.

A New Platform for Our 70% & Growing Mobile Traffic


Mobile web conversion rate is significantly lower than desktop web. Having a mobile app that our users can visit frequently with new engaging content will increase conversion.

Some Key Highlights!

We Open Our [Mobile] Doors

I created this splash screen & animation in InVision Studio to set the tone for the rest of our app. My goal was to make it feel in line with our brand’s mission and strategy. The image is interchangeable so that it can align with the week's drop. The goal is to keep the app feeling exciting & fresh (and of course a great way to wait for our app to load 😉 ) Check out a few of my faves or experience it live in the app!


Alo is a brand of purpose. Beyond the clothes, we want to welcome users to our app and educate them on all our brand has to offer - from Alo Gives, our philanthropy, to being an eco-aware company.

Shop 'til you drop

I created a new navigation to A/B test against the old to:
1) See if there was value in adding imagery - to showcase our brand and help a user visualize what they're about to shop
2) Land users on a level deeper in the navigation -  a large portion of our shoppers are looking for women's, so removing that one extra step at the beginning gets a user to where they want to go faster.
3) Make search readily available

Control (Old):
Variant (Now):

The A/B test was a success - results showed higher engagement with the variant navigation as well as visiting categories that, before, people were not interested in. We also saw increased site searches so that users can get to what they were looking for fast. Here's a video from my figma prototype - for smoother transitions, download our app and check it out!

Endless Inspo

With 2.5 million instagram followers, Alo Yoga is known for inspiring photography that keeps people all around the world engaged. A high % of traffic alone comes from instagram which tells us that our users are familiar with the app.  I designed a new experience & worked with our development & merchandising team to create this custom way to shop! Images are updated daily so there's always fresh content.

Bringing Yoga to the World

An exciting app exclusive is free yoga. We built this page to inspire users to put the apparel & accessories they purchase into practice.

See it in action!


Not only is our team proud of our work, our users are loving it too! We're seeing an average 5% conversion on our mobile app vs our below 2% conversion on mobile web. We were receiving endless compliments on our instagram posts and positive comments in the app store. And this is only the beginning!

Extra app-licable fun!

I was so inspired by  Alo & all of our team's hard work - I thought it was only appropriate to share with my network :

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